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Is it Time to Renovate?

Renew. Restore. Revive. At some point all self-storage facilities will need a polish, shine, upgrade or improvement. Keeping your facility up to date will allow you to stay competitive at a time when customers have a variety of options. Renovation can reap a variety of benefits. Notably, renovating your facility will catch the discerning eye of customers while allowing you to reevaluate your rental fee structure and help to increase your property value.

Whether your self-storage facility is just a few years old or has been around for many years, a renovation will help to ensure a safer, more secure environment while providing the customer with a pleasant and more inviting experience. Depending on the type of self-storage facility, renovations can be many, varied and unique. Some components of a facility that may need renovation include replacing the metal roof, replacing doors, reskinning hallways, upgrading lighting, enhancing technology and repairing the asphalt on the property.

While you work to attract solid, reliable tenants, it is of utmost importance to keep in mind that every property should have doors that are easy to open, a roof that doesn’t leak, gates with simple and functional access and a modern security system. Another priority is that your facility should also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). By taking these factors into consideration, you are maintaining good and ethical business practices while giving yourself a competitive edge in the marketplace.

If you’re wondering where to begin, don’t take on this task alone. When it’s time to renovate, you will be well served to call upon an industry expert to evaluate your site from top to bottom and everything in between. In other words, from entrance to exit. An experienced consultant will consider both the aesthetics and functionality of your facility and determine which components need upgrading and which need replacing.

Doors. One of the most common self-storage upgrades is to refurbish or replace unit doors. If your doors have seen better days or difficult to operate, customers may just move on and not rent from you. When it comes to doors, curb appeal is essential and plays a key role in the quality of renters as well as your rental rates. Besides aesthetics, old doors may also pose a safety hazard to your tenants or even damage the items being stored.

Asphalt/Pavement. Cracks, potholes and other driving inconveniences and hazards are simply not a good look and could be unsafe. Rather than a patchwork or short-term repair, it may be time for a brand new that is both appealing and welcoming to the customer.

Lighting. You’ve heard it said before before—lighting is everything. And that goes for self-storage facilities too. A well-lit location with updated fixtures is inviting, increases safety and enhances the entire experience self-storage visit. Here is where your renovation consultant can be extremely helpful in suggesting the latest and most cost-efficient lighting on the market today.


Security. With all there is to consider regarding renovation, most important is security. Your customers are making a major commitment when deciding to rent at your facility, and they want to know that their valuables are safe and secure. Nowadays it comes down to old-school and out-of-date surveillance cameras and padlocks no longer provide the type of security that customers expect. Today it’s state-of-the-art security that includes Bluetooth-enabled locks and cloud-based access control allowing tenants to enter the facility via a smart device or dedicated fob. This type of upgrade also allows for remote management when necessary. Once again, a secure environment enhances the customer experience.

If you think that renovating means taking on an undue financial burden, think again. An outdated facility is only going to become more outdated. A renovated facility increases safety, security and improves the amenities. This means higher rents are justified while at the same time your property value increases.

In conclusion, don’t get complacent. Maintain your facility to the highest possible standard. It’s never a good idea to put off or ignore repairs and necessary upgrades.

Consider renovation: Stay relevant. Stay competitive. Stay in the game.