Single-Story Self Storage
Building Solutions

Mako Steel Single-Story Self Storage Systems are easily tailored to ensure maximum rental income while meeting the unique requirements of your site.


Styles to Suit Any Aesthetic

Unlike many of our competitors, Mako Steel has the ability to provide the aesthetic that is important to our clients. There are three dominant styles of construction for Single Story Self Storage Structures:

MT, Helena - 882 - AAA Storage

Standard Metal Construction with a Continuous Header

Butterfield Ranch Self Storage Job #1225- Temecula, CA

Standard Interior Steel Framing with CMU Piers and Matching Door Filler Panels


Bolt-Together Structural Pier & Header System

Mako Steel One-Story Self Storage Solutions Offer Features That Are Important to You and Your Renters

Mako Steel offers an infinite number of Self Storage design options. Instead of providing “out of the box” plans for a limited number of unit mix configurations, we will help you design a single story site plan that maximizes the efficiency of the site and includes the specific unit mix percentages that are important to your profitability.

We will take you through a process to help you determine the products that will work best for your project and your budget. If you are new to self storage or planning to build a single story self storage facility, we have developed a number of useful resources and tools to help you. Start by downloading our Single Story Budget Ballpark Sheet.

Mako Steel offers:

  • Roofing Options – Standing Seam or Thru-Fastened Panels
  • Colored Roofing Panels at 1:12 - 4:12 Pitch or Bare Galvalume Low Profile Roofing
  • Siding Profile Options
  • Galvanized Framing Packages
  • Weather-Tight Warranties
  • Gutters and Downspouts
  • Roll-Up Door & Corridor Packages
  • Complete Structural and Foundation Engineering
  • Professional Crews to Install Your Self Storage Buildings

Conceptual Site Plan & Analysis

Optional Features:

  • Standing Seam roofing panels
  • 3-piece pier and header system
  • Roof insulation or condensation blanket
  • Separation walls with insulation for climate controlled areas

Try our free color selector application to see what your Self Storage facility could look like.

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