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MakoRabco's Safety Division

Strong Voices, Safe Choices

At MakoRabco, safety on the work site is our priority, working towards our goal of Zero Harm


The safety of everyone involved in the construction of your new facility is of the utmost importance at Makorabco. This is why we have a dedicated Safety Division within our company to help ensure the wellbeing of everyone on our projects.

The management of risk is paramount in the construction industry. We truly believe that safety starts from a culture with the belief that all injuries can be prevented. We go by the motto "Strong Voices, Safe Choices", which means when everyone on the worksite has the same goal of safety, everyone speaks up, which leads to safer choices being made.

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When you work with MakoRabco to make your self storage project a reality, we want you to have the peace of mind that the worksite will be a safe and accountable.

Leading this safety division is Dawn Doyle, Director of Risk Management and Culture, who has been a part of the MakoRabco team since 2019. Dawn will be leading our journey to "Zero Harm," by managing our safety and risk management activities across the company. 


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