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Caesar W


Caesar Wright

Caesar Wright is President of Mako Steel, Inc., which designs, supplies and installs steel buildings for the self-storage industry, including; single-story, multi-story, boat/RV storage, climate-controlled and custom buildings. Caesar Wright has been a member of Mako Steel since its inception in 1993. He has contributed many articles to industry magazines over the years on various storage topics with a focus on Boat/RV facilities and logistics. Mr. Wright has been in the steel business his entire career and has risen from an entry-level sales position to CEO at a remarkably young age. Caesar is respected in the industry for his ability to manage, negotiate and succeed without compromising his integrity or his sense of humor.

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James B


James Bartnick

James Bartnick is Vice President of Mako Steel, Inc. He has been with the company since 1997. James graduated from Chico State’s Construction Management program and came to Mako Steel after working for a general contracting company in southern California. He began his career with us as a project manager and detailer. His distinct management skills and comprehensive analysis of each project make him a vital part of Mako Steel’s management team.

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Robert L


Robert Lesko

Robert is Vice President of Mako Steel, Inc. He was hired in 1997. His extensive experience in the field, operating equipment and complete knowledge of the construction experience has complemented his unique ability to understand the perspective of the self storage owner, contractor and steel erector. Robert’s patient style of management is well suited to new builders and his technical strengths allow him to communicate effectively with engineers as well as construction crews.

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Todd S


Todd Sanders

Todd has strong technical skills and an innate understanding of the construction process due to his experience in general contracting. His focused personality makes him an excellent detailer and project manager. Todd’s abilities have already made him a solid player on our project management team.

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Angie G


Angie Guerin

Angie brings an extensive background in self storage construction, having worked closely with developers, general contractors, and architects in this industry over the last 15 years.

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Phil H


Philip Horton

Phil is our CAD designer and steel detailer. His expertise supports our engineering and project management teams.

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Mark Z


Mark Zerlaut

Mark is our head of technical services. He brings impressive computer and drafting skills to the job. Mark takes the time and puts forth the effort to enable field personnel to effectively interpret the intentions of the engineers and architects. He is our resident problem solver and a valuable asset to our customers as well as our project management team.

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Mike Dale

Mike is our resident engineer. He has been involved with engineering self storage projects for the past nine years. Currently, Mike is registered in 36 states with more on the way.

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Vivian K


Vivian King

Vivian is our accounting and credit manager. Her tasks include supervision of accounts receivable and payable, invoicing and order entry management. Her efficiency, work ethic and personality are ideally suited to this demanding position.

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 Bob Holz

Bob Holz

Bob has nearly 20 years of experience in self storage construction and brings to Mako Steel, Inc. knowledge of estimating, project management, engineering and concept site planning. Bob’s unique background and specialized experience in self storage are an asset to Mako Steel, Inc.’s project managers.

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Rob Husk resized 600

Rob Husk

Rob has 20 years experience in self storage construction. From drafting and design to sales to project management, his well rounded experience makes him a great addition to our team as a designer and detailer.

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 Carlos V


Carlos Velador

Carlos earned his BA in Architecture from UC Berkley and brings his expertise as a Draftsman to Mako Steel.  Ultimately pursuing a career as a Structural Engineer, his attention to technical details,  material specifications, dimensions and procedures, ensures the success of Mako Steels projects.

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 Tyler O


Tyler Olson

Tylers experience in the field building Mako Steel projects has enabled him to become a skillful Project Manager.  His understanding of the building process, along with his innate ablilty to asses a projects nuts and bolts particulars, make him an asset to Mako Steels Project Managment Team.

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Andria Dunlap

Andria, a Project Coordinator at Mako Steel has her Masters in Business Administration and has been in Customer Service for over 20 years.  She prepares and expertly implements  project details to ensure Mako Steels success.  Her duties range from generating certificates of insurance and city licenses, to scheduling material deliveries, and assisting with invoices.  An integral member of Mako Steels staff, you will find her to always be upbeat and willing to help in any way.  

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Sarah S1


Sarah Swingler

Sarah comes to Mako Steel with a BS in Political Science from Long Beach State and a background in Marketing.   You will find her assisting in Sales, all the while managing Mako Steels publication advertising, trade show coordination, and social media marketing.  

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Xing L


Xing Lan

A recent graduate, (where he was a team leader for a college project developing disaster proof metal shear walls) from the University of North Texas with a M.S. in Construction Engineering Technology, his primary role for Mako Steel initially will be detailing current Mako projects. As his experience in the industry grows, Mako Steel will be working him into the Engineering side of the business.

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 Ghia N


Ghia Nellis

She may be a recent edition to Mako Steel but it’s not her first rodeo here. Ghia has been a part of the Mako team in the past. So happy that she is back, Ghia implements and regulates Mako Steel’s contracts and insurance. Her tenacity for organization and attention to fine details makes her the perfect fit. Plus, she always has her foot in the door of any office that might need additional help. She’s a Mako Steel “go to”!

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 Image coming soon

Phil Boyles

Phillip brings an extensive background in Construction both in the field and as a Project Manager. Mako Steel is confident that his skill set will bring value to our construction projects in the Northwest, and that his personality and personal philosophy is an excellent culture fit for the team.

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 Jessica B


Jessica Ballesteros

While new to the Self Storage industry, Jessica is a great addition to the Mako team. She handles the busy day to day movements of the office and is happy to assist with internal projects where need be. Her communications skills are “on par” with Mako Steel’s reputation for great customer service.

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