Building Accessories

To complete your steel and metal building

At Mako, we offer many customization options to help you build the metal building of your dreams. We have many different building accessories to choose from including roof systems, insulation for roof and walls, exposed fastener metal panels, insulated metal panels, framing systems, gutters and drainage, door and hallways options, and color selections. See all our building accessories and customization options here or feel free to give us a call.

Color Selector

Color options are a big part of customization. We have many options to choose from. Read More →

Door & Hallway System Options

One of the big customization options is doors and hallways. When it comes to our doors, we know that different sizes are needed for different things, so we offer size options. Read More →

Framing System

Our perimeter wall framing is ready for any traditional metal wall panel or insulated metal panel. It can be configured to receive almost any type of exterior finish required to meet architectural standards. Read More →

Building Extras

Additional extras to fit your needs and help you build steel structures that last. Read More →