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Upcoming Trade Shows and Events

Take a look at the Industry conferences to come.

Montana SSA Montana SSA TBD Brent Amsbary
Michigan SSA Michigan SSA TBD Jon Krumdieck
Dakotas SSA Dakotas SSA TBD Dave Abbring
Tennessee TNSSA Luncheon 5/17/2022 Tom Esquibel
Washington SSA Washington SSA Tradeshow 5/20/2022 Brent Amsbary
North Carlolina SSA NCSSA May Seminar 5/23/2022 Chad Gattis
Iowa SSA IASSA Annual Meeting 6/2/2022 Dave Abbring
Tri-State INSSA, KYSSA, and OHSSA 6/6/2022 Dave Krumdieck
Illinois SSA IL-SSA Great Lakes Owners Summit & Expo 6/15/2022 Jon Krumdieck
Oregon SSA ORSSA.2022 Annual Meeting w/ Exhibitors 6/21/2022 Brent Amsbary
Mississippi SSA Mississippi SSA Tradeshow 7/1/2022 Jeff Michaels
California SSA 17th Annual Self Storage Owners Summit 2022 7/14/2022 Angie Guerin & Sarah Swingler
Texas SSA TSSA - Luncheon 7/26/2022 Eddie Huebner
Minnesota SSA Minnesota SS Tradeshow 8/9/2022 Dave Abbring
Tennessee SSA TNSSA - Luncheon 8/16/2022 Jeff Michaels
Arkansas SSA Arkansas SSA Trade Show 8/17/2022 Jeff Michaels
North Carlolina SSA NCSSA August Seminar 8/21/2022 Chad Gattis
SSA SSA Fall Tradeshow 9/6/2022 The Team 
Pennsylvania SSA Pennsylvania SS Tradeshow 9/27/2022 Jon Krumdieck
Idaho SSA IDSSA Annual Meeting 10/5/2022 Brent Amsbary
Colorado SSA COSSA Self Storage Tradeshow 10/6/2022 Craig Nehlsen
New Mexico SSA New Mexico SSA 10/13/2022 Craig Nehlsen
Virginia SSA Virgina SSA Tradeshow 10/18/2022 Chad Gattis
Wisconsin SSA Wisconsin SS Fall Comference and Trade Show 10/18/2022 Dave Abbring
Texas SSA Texas SSA Tradeshow 10/23/2022 Eddie Huebner
Georgia SSA Southeastern Storage Trade Show 10/24/2022 Tom Esquibel
South Carolina SSA Southeastern Storage Trade Show 10/24/2022 Chad Gattis
Nebraska SSA Nebraska 11/1/2022 Eddie Huebner
Louisiana SSA Louisana SSA 11/7/2022 Jeff Michaels
Kansas SSA Kansas SSA 11/9/2022 Eddie Huebner
Oklahoma SSA OKSSA - Annual Conference and Trade Show 11/14/2022 Eddie Huebner


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