A History of Successful Self Storage Building Projects

Started in 1993 by Mike Branon and Caesar Wright at a dining room table in North County, San Diego, Mako Steel Inc. took root with a great and timely concept, as well as a commitment to be good to our customers and good to our employees. Mako Steel quickly became one of the most reputable and successful Steel Building Companies specializing in Self Storage Construction and remains that way today.

The original ownership group put great faith in the "Human Element" of running a business, and built a team of incredibly talented and bright individuals that would carry and build the company over the subsequent years.  In the late 90's, we were joined by James Bartnick and Robert Lesko, each bringing vast experience in construction management and each with a set of skills that would continue to strengthen our position within the Self Storage Industry. 

By the year 2000, our trifecta management team was a well-oiled machine and the next decade would see the addition of more than 1500 Self Storage Facilities in more than 40 states added to our self storage construction portfolio. 

In 2010 the company was restructured, and ownership divided equally between Caesar, James and Robert. Through the economic uncertainty of the following years, we have continued to rise above our competitors by providing top notch customer service and quality building systems for a competitve price.

More importantly, we have maintained our commitment to our employees, believing that the team is the life-blood of our organization and the reason why our customers continue to do business with us. 

Proven Success. Demonstrated Results.