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'The Edge You Need' Takes Flight


One of the most exciting times for a company is when it has an opportunity to redefine itself, highlight its strengths and lead the way in an industry where the future is bright.  That time has come.  Our new brand launch of The Edge You Need is the heart and soul of MakoRabco.  It is the pinnacle of more than 30 years of experience in the self-storage industry. 

The Edge You Need is defined by MakoRabco’s values and solid building blocks of truth, honesty, passion and expertise.  MakoRabco is dedicated to our customers’ success by building, maintaining and continuing an enduring partnership on which they can depend.  The Edge You Need sets a higher standard for the industry, one in which MakoRabco is superbly qualified to lead.  More than a slogan—it is our commitment to our customers as we boldly go forward with a renewed sense of determination. 

The Edge You Need represents the unifying principle that connects us to one another from coast-to-coast.  It is the guidepost for success, a beacon for the future and a pledge to all in the MakoRabco family. 

All the best, 


Ingeborg Carr 

Chief Marketing Officer