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Self Storage Building Expansion


What does the entrepreneurial Self Storage operator or owner do to expand their business when there is no more room to grow? When you can’t build out, you CAN build up.

Self Storage business owners that are looking to increase revenue by expanding their Self Storage Facilities have had few options - until now. In the past, expansion for your self storage facility has meant increasing your building footprint or investing in more land. This article will outline an innovative and cost-effective self storage expansion alternative.

It is not necessary to tear down a single story building in order to build a Multi-Story Self Storage Building.

Deciding to expand your self storage facility can be a tough decision. Do you evict current tenants while you expand? How long will it take to recoup your lost rental income, as well as your construction costs?  

Recently, MakoRabco introduced DOUBLE UP. Double Up is a mezzanine structure that enables single-story self-storage businesses to build up without impacting current storage capacity and rental income. This innovative approach to increasing storage capacity will make your self storage expansion decision far easier. 

Double-Up Self Storage Building Expansion

MakoRabco creates additional square footage on an established site by designing a Rigid Frame Mezzanine that can span two existing single-story structures. We then construct another building on top of them. The result is additional rentable space for the Self Storage operator without the need to tear down existing buildings.

Business owners with single-story self storage buildings now have a cost effective way to grow their Self Storage Business without the time commitment and financial risk that tearing down existing buildings or investing in property in a new area would entail. It is an elegantly simple concept that solves many problems for our customers that need to grow.


Double Up Rigid Frame Construction

The costs to add the DOUBLE UP mezzanine structure can be similar to the cost per square foot of traditional Self Storage Construction BUT there are no additional costs for land or other outside costs. Ask us for referrals from real customers who are now benefiting from our DOUBLE UP Self Storage Expansion products.

MakoRabco is the only Self Storage Building company with experience building DOUBLE UP sites. Using the highest quality building products and unmatched customer service, MakoRabco’s team of experts will help you design, engineer and build your self-storage project on time and on budget.

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