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Smart Buildings Are The Future of Self Storage

In today's world, smart technology is everywhere. From phones and tablets to TVs, computers, and even cars, this technology is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives. So, what about Smart Buildings? A growing number of smart buildings are now in existence, and they will soon become a major part of the future of construction. 

What is a Smart Building?

Smart Buildings use intelligent control systems that utilize smart, interconnected devices in order to improve aspects of a building’s efficiency. The technology used to accomplish this includes the Internet of Things (IoT), building management systems, and artificial intelligence. 

These technologies help the building run more smoothly, optimize cost, and even lower negative environmental impacts typically caused by traditional buildings. The technology in Smart Buildings can:  

  • Implement security
  • Control temperature and humidity 
  • Monitor indoor occupancy 
  • Monitor for trash and water leaks
  • Improve energy efficiency and sustainability 

How Do Smart Buildings Benefit Self Storage Facilities?

Many smart features can be extremely beneficial to self storage facilities. One feature is the installation of roll-up doors that can be operated by smart keyboards or even a customer’s smartphone. There are also a variety of tech and security products including smart cameras and thermostats that ensure the safety of one’s stored belongings more than ever before.

Can I Make My Storage Facility Smart?

Smart Buildings are often constructed from scratch, but as technology develops it is becoming more and more common for buildings to be renovated with smart technology to optimize their performance. Renovations are an essential part of staying competitive in the self-storage industry, and renovating your building into a Smart Building that boasts better security, temperature regulation, and high-tech units will draw in customers and allow for higher rental rates.