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It was a long and arduous process, but it's complete and we're official as of April 30, 2013!  

For those customers of ours in the state of Nevada, it means that we can single source the metal building components AND provide the labor to install the buildings. 

Nevda has always been a little bit tricky for metal building companies, in that we are not required to hold a GC license to provide components. Howeverm if we intend to install our own buildings, the license requirement stands.   

When Caesar, James and Robert took over ownership in 2010, there was a general consensus among them to try and open up opportunity by providing the best and most comprehensive customer service in all of our major markets. Obtaining our C-14 contractor's license in Nevada enables us to do just that. 

When MakoRabco provides the material and labor to install, we ensure not only the quality of the building package and materials, but also the qualty of the crew we send out to represent us. 

We know that labor is perhaps our biggest exposure, and we can effectively mitigate problems by having a certified and experienced crew onsite. 

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to do what we do best in Nevada!