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MakoRabco: We Build the Best

MakoRabco Wins Mini Storage Messenger Facility of the Year: We Build The Best

MakoRabco prides itself on building distinctive projects that make self storage facilities stand out amongst the herd. In 2022, two of our facilities were awarded Facility of the Year by Mini Storage Messenger.

 New Facility of the Year

Storelocal Hercules, developed by The Claremont Companies and managed by MakoRabco Project Manager Raul Gonzales, won Mini Storage Messenger’s New Facility of the Year Award. The impressive project consists of three single-story storage buildings, a three-story storage building, and a leasing office. In all, it has 794 units, comprising a total of 98,298 rentable square feet on 3 acres of land.

Developing a Smart Building is not an easy feat, but MakoRabco's experience with Smart Building construction aided the developers and made the installation of this technology a smooth process. The building even contains “touchless rentals” that truly set it apart from other self storage facilities. Tenant Inc.’s self-storage software, Hummingbird allows tenants to go through the entire move-in process, and Noke Smart Entry locks by Janus International allows them to gain access to the facility and their units using their smartphone. With its smart building technology and its aesthetical steel curved roof, Storelocal Hercules established a clear identity in its market.

MakoRabco had the opportunity to film a case study on Storelocal Hercules. We spoke with Ryan Lorenzini, Director at The Claremont Companies, LLC, and Larry Damato, the founder and proprietor of DAI General Contracting about what went into building the state-of-the-art self-storage facility. If you would like to watch the Storelocal Hercules Case Study, click here.

Facility of the Year – Construction 

The sleek and modern Storelocal Storage Co-Op building owned by Braine Trust Storage LLC in Cedar Rapids, Iowa won Mini Storage Messenger’s Facility of the Year – Construction. The project was managed by MakoRabco Project Manager, Genge Hata and consists of a multi-story structure totaling 57,000 square feet on a one-acre plot of land.​  

The design and construction of Storelocal Iowa started in 2018 with Brian Hoel, President of BraineTrust Storage LLC and was a first-time client of MakoRabco. With MakoRabco and BraineTrust storage working together, the team collaborated on the plans to meet the strict design requirements that came with the limited space available on the site. As the project began, it would have been hard to imagine the challenging journey ahead, including extreme weather conditions such as a rare inland hurricane. In the end, the team persevered through the unplanned obstacles, and the result of the project was a great success.

This impressive facility is now open as of September 2022.

If you are interested in building your own stand-out facility, reach out to a MakoRabco salesperson in your region, and find out how MakoRabco can give you an edge up in the storage industry.