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Eucalyptus at Beamont: A Diamond in the Community

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It’s a tale that is widely known in the storage industry. Many cities and towns turn away storage development based on principle. Some cities have a prejudged notion of the aesthetics, while others may not like certain issues like the lack of sales tax revenue.

That’s the wall Ted Deits, developer and owner of Eucalyptus at Beaumont in Beaumont, Calif., kept running into when he decided to develop a boat and RV storage facility.

Today, city leaders have called his facility a “diamond” in the community. However, the project is a little different than when Deits envisioned it in 2000; it is not just an RV and boat storage facility, but a condominium project with 107 fully-enclosed storage garages that are individually owned.

Eucalyptus at Beaumont is situated on 4.52 acres and has over 79,000 of building square footage. It sports all of the latest amenities important to RV and boat storage, including a 2,700 square foot clubhouse with Wi-Fi and big screen televisions, and state-of-the-art security systems. Moreover, this spectacular facility was named as the 2009 Facility of the Year runner-up in the Specialty Storage category.

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