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Boat and RV Storage Construction

Rev Up Your Motors for a Quick Ride to Greater Profits

Thinking about adding Boat and RV Storage to Your Self Storage Facility?   Great Idea.  We know many self-storage operators that have attracted new customers from new markets and added substantial income to their businesses by adding RV and Boat Storage.  Which type of Boat and RV Storage is right for your business?

First, let’s take a look at the different types of RV and Boat Storage Construction. There are four main types of Boat and RV storage and each has advantages and disadvantages for you and your tenants. It is fair to assume that the more substantial the structure, the more expensive it will be to build. We can also say that the more substantial the storage structure is, the more protection and security it will provide to the very expensive vehicles stored within.

  • Fully Enclosed RV Storage BuildingsFully Enclosed Boat and RV Storage Building. This is basically a large garage that is secure and may be accessed only by the renter. The unit is typically 15 feet wide by 45 to 50 feet deep, each with a 12-by-14-foot door. The door must be this size to accommodate the largest RV on the road. The cost to build this type of structure is more expensive per square foot than traditional self-storage because the buildings require more structure to support the large door.  A power operator is also commonly used to operate this large door.

    Since this type of Boat and RV Storage appeals to the higher end clientele, it may make sense to add amenities such as electricity in each unit, wash bays, etc.  See our article about high end Storage for Boys and Their Toys to see how one Self Storage Business Owner cashed in with high end amenities.

  • Three-sided RV and Boat Storage Canopy. 
    This unit has one sidewall open, but the building is enclosed on the other three sides. The units are mostly protected from the environment but are not individually separated from other units. These are often used in areas prone to snow, as they provide more protection than open canopies.

  • Standard Boat and RV Storage Canopy. With only a roof, this structure will protect the vehicles from the sun, but it may not protect them from rain, snow or wind.

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  • An Outside RV and Boat Parking Stall. This is just an outdoor parking space. The only security for the client is the initial gate access onto the property.  We have seen operators capitalize on the “still in demand” RV Storage by simply offering “outdoor” parking on areas they may have intended for Self Storage Expansion. 

Optimize Your Space.  More important than any other element in determining the viability of offering Boat and RV Storage is space.  RV’s take up a lot of it and the requirements for drive aisles and turn radius are twice that of a typical self-storage property.  Whatever size vehicle your customer wants to store, whether it is a 20’, 30’, or 40’ RV or Boat with a trailer – make your drive aisle space a minimum of 45’-50’ to allow safe access to each of the units.  If your site is difficult to navigate with a large vehicle or a trailer with a boat on it, your customers could look elsewhere, or worse, they could damage your buildings or their vehicle. 

Provide the Right Access.  As we mentioned, you will want to provide plenty of access space to the Boat and RV Storage buildings, but without wasting too much land in the process. You’ll need to make sure there’s a nice flow to the property, where the boats and RVs can easily get in and out without having to back up. This may require a second exit gate if there isn’t adequate turning distance around the buildings.  

Whatever the product – Enclosed, Canopy, or Outdoor Parking – the key to success in this business is always supply and demand.  The great news for Boat and RV Storage is that in most markets – supply has not caught up with demand. It is not too late for you to capitalize on this lucrative market.    If you have the space and want to make the most with what you have, consider Boat & RV Storage.  We think you will find this to be a high growth, high margin business opportunity.

Turn to MakoRabco to help you plan your Boat and RV Storage Construction. MakoRabco offers free site design and engineering services.  Let us help you plan your Boat and RV Storage.

Whether you are looking at Roof Canopies, Partially Enclosed, Fully Enclosed, Angled Enclosed, Condo Units or Clear Span,  MakoRabco has designed and built them all.

  • In-House Engineering
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MakoRabco has become the leading supplier and installer of Boat & RV storage buildings, providing millions of square feet every year.  With the experience, expertise and valuable industry resources, we can put you on the right course to a successful Boat and RV Building project.  From concept to completion, Boat and RV Construction is a safe ride with MakoRabco.