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Tour a Boat & RV Storage Facility by MakoRabco

Caesar Wright, Executive Chairman of MakoRabco, made a visit to Kings Bay Self Storage in Crystal River, FL to give us a cool video tour of the place!


At the time of this video (December 15, 2011), our team had completed work on the canopy and would soon be adding a 14,000 sq. ft. enclosed building to the property.

The 8,800 sq. ft. canopy is 14 ft. high, 40 ft. wide and 220 ft. long. You can see the three-post canopy design and steel columns placed on pads with an anchor bolt. The posts for this canopy are not embedded. The boat and RV spaces are at a 60° angle.

Kings Bay Self Storage opted not to go with asphalt and use white rock, which has a lower cost. This facility provides greater convenience for its tenants by including a power supply source at each boat and RV space. There's even a detailing station that allows tenants to clean their boats and RVs here! The wetlands behind the facility add security because there's no foot traffic or street traffic on that side.

Kings Bay Self Storage

We hope you enjoyed the tour! Our team had so much fun bringing this boat and RV storage facility to life, and we look forward to many more great projects that meet our clients' unique needs.