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Low Risk, High Growth Opportunity for the Single-Story Self Storage

Want to Grow Your Single Story Self Storage Business? When You Can't Build Out, Build UP!

You have successfully run your single-story self storage business for a number of years and have reached a comfortable rental capacity. Now what? How do you grow your business with low risk and high rewards?

Are you a Self Storage Business owner with a successful single-story self storage business with nowhere to grow? You may have acquired land at a great price years ago and built a cost effective, single-story self storage business. You are well entrenched in your community and the area you built in has grown around you. You now have a thriving business that is near capacity – but you are land locked. How can you grow your current self storage business? If you can’t go OUT, go UP. 

MakoRabco introduces Double Up, a mezzanine structural concept that enables single-story self storage businesses to build up without impacting your current storage capacity.

DOUBLE UP your single story self-storage buildings

 Business owners with single-story self storage  buildings now have a way to cost effectively grow their business without the risk of tearing down their existing buildings or investing in property in a new area.

 While the American landscape has changed, so too has Self Storage. The new facilities that are  coming on line in both urban and suburban  communities are State of the Art, Climate Controlled and often times…taller. Much taller. The trend towards Multi-Story Self Storage has evolved partly from a changing dynamic in tenant  expectations and partly due to the changing ideals of a typical  self-storage developer. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, Multi-Story Self-Storage works best on smaller “infill sites” or areas that have an established community base surrounding them, and in areas where barriers to entry for new development are plentiful.

MakoRabco worked with one such developer. The facility was a first generation store, with long rows of 25’ and 30’ wide single story, exterior access buildings. It was convenient to the community and was a thriving business. The downside was that there was no room to grow. The facility had been built out and adjacent land developed. In frustration they may have thought, “If only we had thought to build up instead of out…”      

Low risk growth for single story self storage owners  Additions to Single Story Self Storage Construction Build Up on single story Self Storage Buildings  

Like many of these first generations facility owners, they kicked around the idea of tearing down and starting over. To a storage operator, that is a hard decision to make, and many times, not viable, as it would require evicting existing tenants and forgoing the revenue that units would have generated while the new construction is taking place.   

MakoRabco helped that self storage business owner with a new concept, and can help other self storage developers achieve their growth objectives with DOUBLE UP. MakoRabco creates additional square footage on an established site by designing a Rigid Frame Mezzanine that can span two existing single story structures. We then construct another building on top of them. The result is additional rentable space for the self storage operator without the need to tear down the existing buildings.

The building costs to add the DOUBLE UP mezzanine structure is similar to the cost per square foot of traditional self storage construction but there are no additional costs for land or other outside costs.

MakoRabco is the only Self Storage Building company with experience building DOUBLE UP sites. Using the highest quality building products and unmatched customer service, MakoRabco's team of experts will help you design, engineer and build your self-storage project on time and on budget.


Double Up Single Story Self Storage Buildings


Goleta Valley Self Storage is just one happy customer of the DOUBLE UP concept. See more photos at