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Boat Storage Buildings and RV Storage Building Design Considerations

Boat and RV Storage Construction Requires Special Considerations. 

Caesar Wright, Executive Chairman of MakoRabco, Inc. guides Self Storage developers through the specific design considerations in Boat and RV Storage Construction in this brief video tour of a successful Boat and RV Storage facility.

When designing Boat and RV Storage, there are specific considerations to take into account, including; aisle width and access, site slope, shielding and revenue generating amenities such as dump stations, wash bays and electrical outlets.  Below is an outline of the special considerations that must be taken into account when adding Boat and RV Storage to your Self Storage facility. 

Take into account these Design and Engineering Considerations when adding Boat and RV Storage to your Self Storage Business.

RV and Boat Storage Aisle Width and Access

The first consideration is whether you will offer 90-degree access or angled access. You need to guarantee drivers easy access to spaces while maximizing capacity for your Boat and RV Storage facility.  RV’s can be as large as 55 feet long, 8 feet wide (not including the 16-inch mirrors on each side), and more than 10 feet tall (not including satellite dishes, ladders and air-conditioners). 

With 90-degree access, you will need a 55-foot-wide drive aisle to enter and exit the spaces. If spaces are angled at 30 to 45 degrees, the drive-aisle width can be reduced to 35 feet while allowing easy access, for even the largest RVs.”

The second consideration in your Boat and RV Storage Construction design is the turn radius built into the site. If your Self Storage facility is in an area with no restrictions, a 35-degree inside, 45-degree middle and 55-degree outside turning radius should be sufficient. 

Standard industry clear height for Boat and RV Storage is 14 feet. This will accommodate even the most tricked out recreational vehicles. For enclosed units, a 10 to 12 foot door width is safe, but doors are often designed at 14 feet wide. 

Site Slope

Slopes and hills on a site can present challenges. If you choose Steel Canopy Boat and RV Storage, slopes are easier to deal with since parking areas can match the slope. But if your site includes Enclosed Boat and RV Storage, it’s critical to use the most level site available to eliminate the possibility of vehicles bottoming out among other problems.

Sloping or uneven sites can be addressed by stepping the building to accomodate, or sloping the slab. Self Storage / Boat and RV Slabs but should be no more than a 1% slope, anything greater than that will cause a gap at the bottom of the roll-up door that will allow water, rodents, and insects free reign into the unit.

MakoRabco engineers can help you determine the best approach to cost effectively address sloping sites for your Boat and RV Storage.

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Dump Stations and Wash Bays

Amenities such as dump stations and wash bays for Boat and RV Storage increase marketability and add income. These ancillaries require underground work which should be addressed as early in the design phase as possible.

Dump stations are an amenity that Boat and RV Storage customers appreciate.  A dump station is comprised of a 5 to 6 foot-wide concrete catch, curbed at the edges and sloped to the middle, where a brass cap and flange provide access to a sewer pipe. The engineer’s challenge is to decide where the pipe leads. It may run directly to a sewer, a P-trap linked to a sewer, a holding tank or a septic tank.

It is also important to address wash bays early in the design process. Self Storage developers will need to include interceptors for grease and sand because they can clog sewers. A wash bay should also include a removable grate system so it can be cleaned.

The development of RV and Boat Storage can be very profitable but will require a knowledgeable team of engineers and a Self-Storage Builder that can navigate the details of Self Storage Construction and Engineering to ensure a successful RV and Boat Storage Installation.  MakoRabco is now offering FREE Design Engineering Services.  

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