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Proof that Investing in the Self Storage Industry is a Good Idea

With the new year now upon us, many people find themselves looking to the future and trying to figure out how to better take care of themselves and their families over the next year. For some it can mean saving money by cutting down on frivolous purchases. To others it means getting a better job, and for others making smarter investments.

Much has been on the news recently that gives the self storage industry the appearance of being a solid investment. Stories are being printed almost every day about a self storage business being bought for millions of dollars or companies spending tens of millions on the industry. One company has even pledged to spend over $100 million in the next year buying up storage facilities around the country.

While this all looks good to those on the outside of the industry thinking about getting in, there are those a little more skeptical that may wonder if these companies are taking advantage of people and getting great deals on foreclosed properties or if the self storage industry really is that great of an investment.

Argus Real Estate, Inc, a real estate investment company based in Denver, Colorado, says that it really is that great of an investment.

“I’m more optimistic about the [self storage] business now than ever,” former president of Argus Real Estate, Inc, Mark McCune said. “It’s a real necessity because people don’t stop acquiring stuff.”

Back in January of 1994 McCune formed the Argus Self Storage Sales Network, an association of more than 35 commercial real estate brokers that work together to buy up self storage facilities around the country. The Network has almost 1000 years of experience in the industry and has been involved in over $1.2 billion in sales involving self storage facilities.

McCune has enjoyed working with people within the self storage industry calling them "down-to earth, solid people who are hardworking and looking to make their niche.”

If an endorsement by a successful real estate investor is not enough, then maybe this news will be. The $859 billion tax bill that President Obama signed in December gives potential self storage facility owners reason to get involved in the industry. Part of the bill was a pair of tax extensions that will give some much needed relief to a real estate injury primed for recovery, but still pretty delicate.

In summary, there are self storage facilities being sold for millions every day, a long time investment professional has endorsed the self storage industry and there are tax breaks to make entry into the industry easier. You’d be hard pressed to find a more reliable investment in this economy!