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Typical Construction Time Frame for a Self Storage Facility

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How long does it take to erect the building and why?

While the size and complexity of each building design will affect the time needed for erection, there is a general rule of thumb. For scheduling purposes, we estimate that an experienced crew of five including a lead man should erect approximately five thousand square feet of building per week. This does not include roll-up doors or the interior hallway system. I always like to add at least one week to the total schedule to allow for “punch list” items and clean-up.

The proper scheduling of all of the other trades involved can also affect our schedule. We sometimes find our crews delayed by electricians, heating and cooling system installation or drywall. We always make an extra effort to coordinate our work with the other trades. There is no need for one trade to have to be completely finished with their phase of work in order for another trade to begin theirs. Proper project management and scheduling can help in avoiding these delays.

Weather conditions must always be taken into consideration as well. In most parts of the country, especially during certain seasons, weather delays can be expected.