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Office Prank

Last Wednesday I came to work early, planning to get a head start on the day. After 5 days spent relaxing pool-side in Cancun, I was actually eager to get back and complete a few new projects. I also managed to catch a pretty nice head cold on the plane to Mexico; something I take pride in being able to do while on vacation: pack bags, shop at duty free, get sick, buy crappy souvenir & drink a margarita or 10. Carlos suspiciously met me in the hallway and watched as I opened my office door. Right then, I already knew something was up. On the other side of that door lay 500 dixie cups full of water! Wow! Initially annoyed, then I slowly began to see the humor. "That took some time", I said. Not, actually impressed in the least. I located a pitcher and a large vase. After roughly 30 minutes, I was finally able to reach my desk. The phone rang and my receiver was taped down. Grabbed my computer mouse and the flippin' ball was missing. Ha, they got me (Carlos and Ghia)! Soon though, they will feel the revenge of a southern woman scorned! Stay tuned.