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A Feature Facility Opens in Arizona

Congratulations, Dominion Self Storage on the opening your new facility in Queen Creek, AZ.


 MakoRabco always enjoys working with great owners and this project was no different.  MakoRabco's Sr. Project Manager, Todd Sanders says, "I was able to immerse myself in the details of the plans and the stable communication between key-players allowed for a smooth erection.  The building process as a whole was a great success."  This was achieved inpart due to the organization of AA Builders, General Contracting out of Scottsdale, AZ.

Back when construction on Dominion Self Storage was nearing completion, Executive Chairman, Caesar Wright conducted a field study to troubleshoot and sign off on MakoRabco's undertaking.  He finalized the construction details and put the project back in the owners hands, ready for the next phase of development.  So what did Caesar do next?  Well, just like any hard working President would, he grabbed lunch at a local In-N-Out and headed to the next job site.

This beautiful new facility is already gaining accolades and has a feature article written on the Arizona Self Storage Associaitons website.  Click here to view,  For information about unit availability, go to

Please, go ahead and tell them we sent you and ask about their experience building with MakoRabco, the leader in Self Storage construction.  If you are interested in developing your own state of the art self storage facility or adding on to your exisitng one, give us a shout out by commenting below.  Let's build it together.